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Event Registration Solutions


Professional Online Registration System for your events…

With the Online Registration system that we have created and managed specifically for your event, you can easily access both computer and mobile devices, and run the process quickly and without loss.

In today’s world where there is online access to everything, the Online Registration system, whose user interface is very simple, allows you to customize your activities and make them more enjoyable.

It offers reliable and fast solutions with its strong and flexible infrastructure for needs of all sizes, from congresses, fairs, seminars, corporate meetings, festivals and small meetings to large and challenging events attended by thousands of people.

Before the event, registration confirmation messages are sent to your target participant group via e-mail or SMS. With our registration system, registrations taken before and during the event run simultaneously on the same platform, so all records are updated instantly.


Etüd offers you integrated solutions that meet your needs for onsite visitor registration and badge printing.

You can create special print designs for your event thanks to the Name Badge Designer in our onsite registration software. Thanks to its advanced user experience and simple user-friendly interface, it provides fast and practical use and alleviates your workload.

We provide turnkey services from your hardware needs to printing solutions (thermal, offset plastic name badges, lanyards, name badge bags, badges) for badges, which are indispensable for your events.

At the time of the event;

Check-in and badge printing
Instant printing of badges with barcode or data matrix,
Participant monitoring,
Access control,
It offers seamless experiences with mobile event applications and kiosks.

With Onsite Registration Solutions;
Creating QRCode/barcode authorized for the participant,
custom badge designer,
Table seating arrangement planning,
Integration of kiosk, turnstile and mobile barcode reading systems is provided.


No more waiting…

With the registration kiosk rental system, if the participants do not want to waste time during registration when you come to the event area, they can effortlessly participate in the event with our integrated self-service registration kiosk rental solutions with high performance and ergonomic design.

Before the event, registration confirmation information is sent to the participant by e-mail or SMS. The barcode or QR code in the sent message is read by the barcode readers on the kiosk. The participant prints his badge and participates in the event without waiting within seconds.


The Mobile Barcode Scanner rental System operates independently of the location. It is a new generation smart barcode reading system that you can use indoors or outdoors. Smart barcode readers have no specific requirements other than just a simple internet connection.

With our Smart Online Barcode Reading Systems;

Instant entry-exit information is recorded in the database.
Authorized access control can be provided.
The participant’s login information and authorizations can be checked.
At the end of the event, you can get detailed entry or exit reports.


A smarter and safer access system…

Smart Turnstile rental System is used in controlled or authorized access systems in fairs, congresses, conferences, concerts, festivals and many more.

Thanks to the Intelligent Turnstile Rental System, which operates autonomously without personnel in the field, controlled and authorized passages are ensured safely.

By using the turnstile software, event-specific logos and animations can be presented on the internal screens on the turnstiles, personalized welcome messages or instant authorized pass messages can be given.


Innovative recording technologies…

Thanks to RFID, which is used especially in entry-exit systems, time is saved, costs are reduced and it is easier to collect accurate data about participants.

The most important feature of rental RFID systems is the ability to collect data without contact.

Without turnstile and barcode readers, you can easily collect personal data contactless with rented RFID readers.

With this method, visitor data read by rented RFID reading stations, which we will position at desired points in the event area (such as congress center entrance, hall entrances and exits), are recorded in the system.

With the analysis and calculations to be made after the event, rich activity and activity reports of the participants are created.

LEAD CAPTURE SYSTEM (Collection of Participant Data)
Data collection for Stand’s visitors

The Lead Capture system is a method for starting the process of converting people who are interested in your product or service at an event, trade show or conference into leads and then actual customers.

In this solution, which we offer to the stand staff, the barcode on the badges of the visitors is read and participant data is collected. It can also take notes on customer visits. After the event, all reports can be accessed in full.

Lead Retrieval rental is a great sales-marketing tool in order to follow the visitors after the event with the provided data and convert the provided interaction into sales.


We offer solutions for your registration and badge printing systems needs in congresses, fairs, seminars, conferences, training, corporate meetings, summits, launches and all event areas. In the field of Event Registarion Systems, we have been serving as a reliable and experienced source of supply with a wide product range and solution alternatives for many years.

Our barcode name badge rental, online registration system rental, onsite registration rental or in other words Field registration systems rental solutions serve a wide range of needs with self-service applications that are available at the Registration and welcome desks of all event centers or before the event.

What are Registration Systems Rental Prices?

Call us for all your needs with competitive prices from 1 day to 1 week, 15 days to 1 month or flexible rental options. We are always with you with our price options according to your rental needs, duration and product features. We offer special project prices in line with your needs, warehouse delivery, on-site expert technical personnel support and solutions including on-site installation, assembly and dismantling are offered.

Rental Registration Systems Our Track

Self Service Registration Kiosk rental,

Smart Turnstile rental,

Onsite Registration Systems rental,

Offline barcode reader rental,

Online barcode reader rental,

Registration computer rental,

Name badge printing machine rental,

Offset badge printer rental,

Thermal printer rental,

Name badge printing solutions,

Badge neckline,

Badge lanyards

Barcode printer rental,

Plastic card printer rental,

Tablet barcode reader rental,

Exhibitor registration and reporting system rental,

Creation of online registration forms for RSVP systems,

Web-based event recording software,

We offer a wide range of products and software solutions such as RFID registration and entry systems.

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